Saturday, 14 June 2014

Other songs by Tamsin Quin

Scared is a new song by Tamsin. This is a lyrically strong song that will resonate with many people. Catchy and upbeat this song focuses on Tamsin’s vocals, which are raw and unpolished. With a great acoustic sound this song is just perfect lyrically and vocally.

Falling is a gorgeous folk song with a strong indie sound. Tamsin’s vocals are powerful and engaging on this quite anthemic song. Tamsin’s vocals are never over shadowed by instrumentation allowing listeners to get the most out of her wonderful vocals. A really striking song that stands out because it is so good.

Wait And See is a fast paced folk/acoustic song with echoes of KT Tunstall in Tamsin’s high class vocals. Here again Tamsin’s vocals are the highlight of the song. Although polished her vocals still sound raw and unrestricted. Tamsin gives each songs she sings a character of their own. They take on their own identity, which allows them to stand on their own as individual things of greatness and beauty.

Tangled Up In Love is a catchy folk song infused with a bluesy/roots sound. This song is quite soulful and Tamsin’s vocals belay this with a rich velvety sound throughout the chorus of the song. The remainder of the song shows off Tamsin’s raw uncut vocals. A real mixed bag of sounds and genres this song is interesting and quite captivating. It is a real shame when this song comes to an end as you want to hear more, much more.

Tired Hands is a lovely folk song brought to life by Tamsin’s earthy vocals. Once again quite raw in sound Tamsin’s vocals give this song plenty of depth and character. 

Tamsin Quin - Where My Footprints Will Stay EP

A heady mix of folk and acoustic music finished off with a dash of blues and some intense and impassioned vocals

Tamsin Quin is a hugely talented singer/songwriter from the South West of England. Tamsin’s songs combine raw exuberance with quirky lyrics and heartfelt words. Her songs portray a natural talent for putting real life down in words. A heady mix of folk and acoustic styles Tamsin’s vocals are refreshing and distinctive. Her vibrant personality comes across in all that she sings as does her passion for life and all that it throws at her. Her songs are personal, like browsing through a young girl’s journal, but it is that personal touch that makes her music so great and worth listening to. Tamsin’s EP offers listeners a glimpse into the word of Tamsin Quin and all the talent she has to offer. One listen just won’t be enough as this collection of six songs is truly addictive on the ear! Bow And Arrow opens the EP with a bang. A catchy chorus and wonderful vocals along with an intoxicating mix of folk and pop give this song tremendous energy. Demons is a sophisticated folk song with a strong blues feel. Tamsin’s vocals are powerful, charming and full of character. There could easily be comparisons between Tamsin and the hugely successful folk singer Kate Rusby. Their vocals belay some similarities but Tamsin’s bluesy overtones give her songs a new depth. Tamsin effortlessly tells a story through her changes of tempo and obvious enthusiasm for the songs that she sings. Work Is Not Life is a slow raw song; with hardly any instrumentation allowing Tamsin’s naturally gifted vocals to shine. The pace of the song picks up slightly towards the end then sinks back to its original slow pace. A lovely transition! Backwards is a wonderful acoustic folk song with heavy emphasis on vocals. Stripped right back Tamsin’s vocals show confidence and passion. Filled with emotion this song is of the highest quality throughout. Homelands is a wonderful folk song with a strong acoustic sound. A slow song full of angst and filled with poetic lyrics that are so succinct. Been So Long ends the EP on a wonderfully bluesy note. Tamsin’s vocals are so intense on this rather soulful final song. Once again this song is lyrically strong. This is a charming collection of songs all of a very high standard and brought to life by Tamsin’s effortless and genuinely amazing vocals.