Sunday, 21 February 2016

Paint The Town Red by Dirt Road Angels

If you are a fan of modern country music then look no further than the new EP by Dirt Road Angels, a group of five female singer songwriters from Canada. Shawna Lynne, Shila Marie, Danita, Karen Claypool and Dahlia Wakefield formed their all girl group in 2013. They went onto release a compilation album shortly after featuring songs from all five girls. This latest release sees the girls show off their wondrous harmonies as they join forces to sing six songs together. All five ladies have incredible voices and this is reflected on PAINT THE TOWN RED. Make Me Wanna is an up-tempo modern country song. The melody is catchy and the vocals are strong. At times it is hard to believe that there are five girls singing their voices blend together so effortlessly. Memories is a beautiful song, slightly slower in tempo. This song has lovely lyrics and an old time country feel yet the voices remain thoroughly modern. The title track Paint The Town Red is a rocky modern country song in the style of early Miranda Lambert. Radio friendly this song has all the makings of a big country hit. Karma is another rock influenced country song. The music is heavy and the vocals once again punchy and strong. Best Friend is a lovely country song; the vocals are showcased with toned down backing music. The lyrics are so truthful giving the song an innocent feel. This is perhaps the highlight of this EP. Blended together on a slower track the girls really do sound angelic. Back Around The Mountain sees the mood pick up pace once more. The final offering on this EP is a modern country song with an old time country feel. As solo singers all five ladies have very different sounds and styles put those together and you have one top class sounding EP. 

is a great album and a real mixed bag of songs. I like the variations between the fast and slow songs. You all have such lovely voices and your voices blend so well together. It is lovely listening to you as one. There are some songs on there that I instantly thought of as hits in their own right. They had the sound of some of the songs floating around the country charts right now. I love your blend of modern country with an older more traditional sound as well.

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