Saturday, 2 December 2017

Mcctaffs Cakes And Tea Room Review

Mcctaffs Cakes And Tea Room is situated in the Brunel Shopping Centre, Swindon.  Relatively new to the centre this cafe/tea room offers shoppers a chance to rest and relax whilst sampling a wide array of home baked products and freshly produced baguettes and sandwiches.  The setting is informal and chilled.  Not vastly huge in size this outlet caters for shoppers who want to sample freshly made produce rather than the mass produced foods other large chains of cafes stock.  

Homemade cakes and scones greet you as you walk up to the counter.  With tray bakes, cup cakes, larger sliced cakes and scones all freshly made there is bound to be something to tempt you and your family.  A lot of the cakes are made on the premises.  

If you suffer from a gluten intolerance or have issues with dairy then don't despair as this cafe/tea room caters to your every need.  Gluten free cup cakes and a lovely gluten free chocolate cake are often on sale as are gluten free scones.  There is also a range of sugar free cakes on sale.  If you are a vegetarian or vegan then again this cafe/tea room will do its very best to provide a selection of foods suitable for you.  Unlike most food outlets the lovely thing about this establishment is that it doesn't charge the earth for food that is gluten or dairy free.  What is often double the price in another cafe remains the same price as the regular food here.  

If you prefer savory food then there are a range of sandwiches, baguettes and wraps available each day with specials on the menu board.  Again every effort is made to cater to everyone's needs.  If you have an intolerance or allergy speak to the friendly staff and they will do their very best to come up with a sandwich that meets your needs.  All the sandwiches, baguettes and wraps come with a salad garnish and either a small dish of coleslaw or pasta. 

In more recent weeks and with winter coming thick and fast there has been the welcome addition of soup to the menu.  All of the soup is home made and comes suitable for coeliacs and  people with gluten intolerance's.  The soups are tasty and come in two sizes of bowl so depending on your appetite you can have a large or small serving.  

Cream Teas are available and you can pre-order a High Tea either sweet or savory in advance.  Again food intolerance's are taken into consideration.  Tables can be reserved in advance for parties or larger gatherings.  For reserved parties or High Teas quaint vintage china is used giving you the customer the feeling you are in the country rather than the middle of a busy town.

Tea comes in a pot, enough for two cups.  Coffee comes in all the regular styles and can be specifically made to your taste if you tell the staff when ordering.  Milk shakes are also on offer and are made to order.  A lovely range of pre-made soft drinks are also available from the cold cabinet behind the till.  If you prefer a fruit juice or ginger beer then ask the staff about the bottled drinks on offer.  More traditional drinks are also available as well as packets of crisps, which can be found near the till.

Children can have a special kids meal so they don't feel left out of the mix.  The establishment provides high chairs for babies and young children.

There are daily special offers available all advertised on the menu board. 

If you need a cake for a special occasion then you can order a cake from the cafe/tea room.  Examples of the cakes that have been previously made are available to view on the walls of the cafe/tea room.  Take a look at the Elvis inspired cup cakes or the flowered wedding cakes that have been made for previous customers. 

As this is a new establishment it is still growing and developing.  Customer feedback is important to the staff.  Staff are happy to hear what customers think would sell well or do well or what they would like to see in the cafe/tea room.  Just recently they have started selling jacket potatoes with a range of different fillings. 

The staff are young and friendly.  Always happy to help and give advice and details of foods for sale.  No question is too small.  This is a family run business where high standards are important. 

Overall this is a great place to pop into of a lunch time or weekend when you are out and about doing your shopping or taking a break from work.  Babies and children are welcome.  No one is rushed out the door you are free to chat and linger for as long as you like after eating your cake or sandwich.  The food is excellent and the hygiene standards are very high.  Tables are thoroughly cleaned after a customer leaves and the floor is swept. 

Monday, 30 May 2016

Jade Sanders - I Want You To Stay Song Review

I Want You To Stay is a pop song with a slight country sound.  Jade’s vocals are lively and fresh.  With hints of Taylor Swift this song is simple yet grows on you the more you listen to it.  A high quality song it soon gets under your skin.  Jade’s style is bound to appeal to fans of many genres of music.  Her classy vocals are distinctive and really lovely to listen to.

Jade Sanders - Already Gone Song Review

Already Gone is a breezy modern country song with a slight dash of pop mixed in for good measure.  Jade’s vocals are strong throughout.  Jade’s sound is fresh and youthful yet her vocals suggest something entirely different.  They have a very mature sound.  This is a lovely song, catchy and easy to listen to.

Jade Sanders - Shotgun Rider Song Review

Seventeen year old Jade Sanders is a talented singer/songwriter from South Florida.  Jade has been writing songs since she was ten years old.  Jades vocals sound like those of someone who has had a vast experience of life not of someone so young.  In her vocals there is a strong bluesy sound, which transcends into her music.  Shotgun Rider is a modern country song with heavy rocky backing instrumentation.  Jade’s vocals are never overshadowed.  Powerful and pleasing on the ear the listener is quickly drawn into the song.  This is a classy offering with hints of Reba McEntire along with many more modern country artists.  A very enjoyable song that makes you want to hear more from this young artist.

Dave Hangley - Nice And Slow Song Review

Nice And Slow is a modern country song from Dave Hangley.  Typical of many modern country songs Dave’s vocals are pleasant on the ear.  A fast up-beat song with a strong melody.  Born in New Jersey Dave blends folk and country into his music giving it a strong sound.  This song could easily compete against the likes of songs by Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Brantley Gilbert.  It has a polished sound and is definitely radio friendly.  A likeable song that shows the vocal potential of this new country singer.

Joanna Yaeger - Won’t Be Moved Song Review

Won’t Be Moved is a new offering by Joanna Yaeger.  Well worth a listen this song is catchy and definitely radio friendly.  It is also very classy and shows off Joanna’s vocals to the full.  This song blends modern country with pop, the end result is a fresh sounding top quality song.  In Joanna’s vocals there are hints of Carrie Underwood.  Joanna’s vocals are strong and powerful, really giving the song volume and depth.  One listen isn’t enough to fully appreciate this wonderful song.

Paul McClure - Smiling From The Floor Up

If you are looking for an album of well written delicately sung songs then look no further!!!!

Paul McClure is a talented singer/songwriter from Rutland. His third solo album SMILING FROM THE FLOOR UP features ten songs that speak to listeners through their lyrics and gentle vocals. Long Gone Out Of Here has a wonderful acoustic sound. A great opening track this song is lyrically strong and puts plenty of emphasis on Paul’s wonderful vocals. There is a unique rawness to Paul’s voice, which hasn’t been erased by production. Pollyanna is a quirky song, which blends a touch of blues with Paul’s more traditional acoustic sound. The lyrics tell an interesting story, which is quite dark and twisted. Listening to this song I feel like I am immersed in an episode of Twin Peaks. Hannah Elton-Wall harmonises on the vocals giving the song a ghostly haunting sound. This song certainly lures you in for a much closer listen. Lost And Found is a slightly more up-tempo song with a strong beat. For You sees the pace slow once again. This is a delightful song, which puts all the emphasis on Paul’s heady vocals. More of a ballad this song is reminiscent of James Taylor in his hey day. Any Number You Like (As Long As Its Four) seems the album take a complete change of tempo. This is a rousing sing a long song with the piano taking pride of place. Song 6 is a gentle lyrically driven song. The lyrics are expressive yet quite simplistic. A charming song that goes to show less is quite often more! Keep It Together has echoes of James Taylor once again. Another vocally driven acoustic song that is classy but not over done. The injection of the female harmony gives the song added depth. Hannah Elton-Wall’s vocals blend perfectly with Paul’s creating a wonderful atmospheric sound. The title song Smiling From The Floor Up features some stunning instrumentation provided by Joe Bennett on the lap steel. This is a really laid back acoustic song infused with a slight hint of blues. Although this is a rather short song it is still breath taking and leaves you as a listener wanting to hear more. Lola Rose is a quirky old fashioned sounding song featuring a huge array of instrumentation. The album ends on a strong note with another lyrically driven slow song Moments Lost. This song has poignant lyrics that are both emotive and magical. Quite a sad song to end on but also one that makes you ponder and think about your own life. All those precious moments that you have squandered and all those significant events you witnessed but will never get the chance to see again. These lyrics are raw and powerful yet come across as simple and unrefined. All ten songs on this album are obviously written from the heart and sung with grace.  Paul’s voice is tender and captivating always luring the listener in. A beautiful mix of heady acoustic ballads and quirky original songs.  The highlights are almost too numerous to mention but there are two stand out songs on this album Pollyanna and Moments Lost. Paul is not only a great vocalist as evidenced here he is also a genius with words. His lyrics read like poetry or dark twisted stories. All in all this is a wonderful example of good acoustic music written and sung well.