Sunday, 3 April 2016

David Newbould And The Stowaways - The Devil Is His Name

David Newbould And The Stowaways
The Devil Is His Name

David Newbould is a talented singer/songwriter whose music has appeared on many popular television shows.  His music mixes country and rock together to create an exciting sound.  David’s vocals are powerful, interesting and intense.  Although not a household name David enjoys a large following of devoted fans.  David’s latest offering is an EP featuring four songs.  Although short in length this is a lovely listen.  The opening song and title track The Devil Is His Name is rocky country at its very best.  David’s vocals are edgy and have plenty of depth.  This song offers up plenty of atmosphere and character and would be perfect for the soundtrack of a show like True Detective.  Although the instrumentation is rousing David’s vocals are never overshadowed.  Love You Like I Don’t Know How is a slow country song.  Charming and very organic in sound, this song is certainly beautiful to listen to.  David’s vocals are full of passion and sound earthy and raw.  As the music fades you find yourself longing for more.  Standing At The Crossroads Too Long sees a change in tempo.  This song is a strong country/rock song with a hint of blues thrown in for good measure.  David’s vocal style brings to mind John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen blended with Bob Dylan.  A powerful song with great lyrics.  This song highlights how easy it is for David to switch from intense to rousing rocky vocals.  Clam Bake City sees the EP draw to a close.  David’s vocals are warm and velvety.  A slow song with a great story weaved into the lyrics.  As with Love You Like I Don’t Know How  this song is beautiful to listen to.  Overall this EP is outstanding, every track is worthy of its place.  David’s vocals bring the songs to life leaving you wanting to hear more.  Love You Like I Don’t Know How and Clam Bake City certainly have the wow factor.  After hearing this you will be longing for a full length album.