Friday, 23 July 2010

Jordyn Mallory CD Review

A young singer with bags of vocal talent
Jordyn Mallory completed the vocals for her stunning debut album TELL ME A STORY just a few weeks before her thirteenth birthday. Jordyn wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album. Jordyn isn’t your average teenager as her heartfelt vocals packed full of emotion and passion prove. Jordyn has a voice way beyond her young years. Music has always been in Jordyn’s blood. From the age of ten she was writing songs. Since the release of TELL ME A STORY she has opened concerts for Crystal Gayle, Emerson Drive and Jake Owen. Jordyn hails from Chickasaw County, Mississippi. A lot of the songs on this album reflect her upbringing in the country. This album blends together modern country with country of a more traditional sound. The title song Tell Me A Story starts off the album. Jordyn’s vocals are soulful and engaging. Listening to this opening song it is hard to believe that you are listening to someone so young. Tell Me A Story is a slow song with a strong traditional country feel. Come Back Home is a more up-beat song with a western swing vibe running through it. Once again Jordyn’s voice is strong. That’s How It Works is a classy ballad, highly polished and filled with passion and power. Nashville’s Cryin’ is a more modern country song, which shows off a different side to Jordyn’s vocal style. There are definite hints of LeAnn Rimes here. What About The People is a powerful song about the people who live in the community Jordyn grew up in. The songs lyrics look at how these people are losing their jobs to overseas manufacturers. Don’t Look At Your Feet blends modern country with a slight blues sound. It’s Ok To Be Different is a song that a lot of people will be able to relate to. The lyrics of this song are certainly worth a close listen. My Own blends modern and traditional country effortlessly. Jordyn’s voice is captivating and a real pleasure to listen to. This song was inspired by Jordyn’s childhood. Paradise is another great country song, backed by some wonderful traditional instrumentation. The final song on the album Buttercup Hill was also inspired by Jordyn’s childhood. This song has a strong country vibe running through it. This album is one of those albums you won’t be able to stop playing once you put it on. It is a really amazing album packed full of glorious songs. Jordyn is currently working on her second album, if this album is anything to go by then that is sure to be a real winner.

Evie Woods Song Review

Evie Woods is a classy and highly talented singer/songwriter who currently records all her material at home. Evie has a distinct voice that is gravely and quite captivating. Her music blends pop with folk. Evie’s songs are delightful to listen to, magical and carefully constructed. Her influences include Laura Marling, Florence and the Machine and Joanna Newson. There are hints of all of these esteemed artists in Evie’s music and songs.

You’re A Fool Too is an upbeat song with a pop/modern folk sound. Evie’s vocals make the song come alive. It has a certain rawness about it. With little backing Evie’s voice really shines and stands tall. This song is catchy with many vocal changes.

Torn In Two is a gentle song with a strong folk feel. Evie’s vocals are haunting and ghostly, quite evocative in style. I am reminded here of Julee Cruise and her sublime stripped bare music.

The Feathers Waltz has a more dramatic sound. The backing music is pronounced echoing the dramatic ness of the song. Evie’s voice is sweeping and very versatile as this song more than illustrates. This is a gorgeous song that deserves more than one play. It is hard to categorise this song as it crosses so many genres. There are hints of pop, modern folk and more traditional folk but there is also a touch of jazz thrown in for good measure. Stunning, mesmerising and breathtaking!

Walk Away is a light folk infused song. Evie’s voice is breezy and uplifting. Here again there is a slight touch of jazz blended into the song. This is echoed in the backing music.

Oh No! has a strong pop vibe running through it, although it remains predominately folk in sound. Evie’s vocals are enchanting and intoxicating. This is a catchy song with a fast beat and an engaging chorus.

Become Unlocked is one of the best songs I have heard in ages. The first time I heard this song I was literally riveted to the spot absorbing Evie’s stunning vocals and the whole atmosphere of the song. This song defines what music should be about. The music is limited, the vocals quite amazing and so haunting. Evie really excels herself on this glorious number. The chorus with its overlapping harmonies really blows you away as a listener.

Nothing Else Matters sees Evie blend jazz and folk together once more. When Evie is in folk mode there are definite hints of Rachel Unthank. Evie’s vocals take on a distinct rock edge as this song progresses.

Jealousy has an old-fashioned sound. This is another blissful song with luscious vocals. Evie is a real joy to listen to on this pop/folk song. During the verses Evie’s vocals remind me a little of Mary Hopkin but they soon slip into something more harsh and rock like.

Friday I’m In Love sees Evie cover The Cure’s smash hit song. Evie puts her own spin on this classic song. Evie’s vocals give this version of the song a brighter feel. Evie makes this song her own with her blend of pop/folk.

Evie is a hugely talented young singer who seems to effortlessly combine folk – modern and traditional with pop and jazz, the end result is something dazzling and quite brilliant.

Waiting For The Tide - Luke Jackson New Song

Waiting For The Tide is the latest offering from Luke Jackson. Luke writes the most wonderful songs, all lyrically perfect and so atmospheric. Here once again Luke creates great imagery through his lyrics. This song has a very organic and acoustic sound. Luke’s vocals take centre stage sounding poised and clear. Luke sings with a certain amount of tenderness and heartfelt passion in his voice. The combination of Luke’s vocals and the wonderful lyrics in this song give it a very emotional and evocative feel.

Briana Hardyman Gig Review

Following her successful previous visits to The Beehive the brilliantly talented singer/songwriter Briana Hardyman returned on the 21st of July. It was another excellent night, which saw Briana accompanied by talented guitarist Doug Sies. Briana made time before the show to talk to people she had met at The Beehive previously. She started off the show with the John Prine song Angel From Montgomery, a great favourite with the audience. It is a song she likes to start her shows off with as it always goes down so well. Angel From Montgomery is featured on Briana’s current album PEOPLE LIKE ME. She continued with other songs from her CD including the Fred Elgersma song Alcohol and Pills. This song perfectly suits her strong voice. Briana went on to perform the Jennifer Nettles song Stay. Briana’s version of this smash hit is almost better than the original. Briana makes this song her own with her passion filled vocals. She could certainly give Jennifer Nettles a run for her money! The show continued with a brilliant version of the song Hurt and Love Doesn’t Die also from her current CD. Once again this went well with the audience. Briana is a firm favourite with the Swindon crowd and she proved this again with the support she got for her latest performance in the town. Briana performed the 1960’s hit Runaway, adding her own character and emotion to the song. The evening continued with the Bob Dylan song To Make You Feel My Love. Briana spent two and a half hours singing solidly with no intervals, something that not many artists do nowadays. The evening came to rousing conclusion with the old spiritual song I’ll Fly Away, which had the audience joining in, as well as a great version of the popular Sheryl Crow song My Favourite Mistake. Briana certainly entertained the audience with her non-stop music. Hopefully it will not be too long before she returns to the town.

Beth Whitney CD Review - Yellow

An amazing collection of emotional songs
American singer/songwriter Beth Whitney is certainly a name to note for the future as her new mini album YELLOW demonstrates in abundance. From a young age it was obvious that Beth was a talented young lady. She had both musical and poetic talents. At the age of sixteen Beth was given a classical guitar, from that moment on Beth fused her two talents together and the song writer in her was born. Beth started creating music with Aaron Fishburn in 2004 when the pair met at Whitworth College. The pair were soon winning competitions with their music. In 2007 LEAVE YOUR SHOES was recorded at the Malamute Studios in Seattle. Beth and Aaron toured across the northwest before parting ways with Malamute Records. Beth and Aaron decided to follow the independent route. This year the pair, eager to release a new album, decided to search out a studio/producer. They settled upon Brandon Bee, a multi-talented artist and producer – the end result Beth’s new CD YELLOW. Beth’s main musical influences include Mindy Smith and Jennifer Knapp. Beth’s music blends together acoustic, folk and country to create something classy, quirky and most definitely interesting. Fallin’ is a vibrant country/folk song packed full of wonderful instrumentation. It is the instrumentation that brings the song to life and gives it an energy all of its own. Let’s Pretend is a more dramatic folk song infused with a heavy dash of rocky/pop. Beth’s vocals are clear and crisp throughout adding plenty of character to the song. Drove Home Slow is one of the highlights of this album. This song has a dramatic feel about it, emphasised by the heavy backing music and Beth’s forceful vocals. David is a slightly more upbeat song with a catchy hook. Beth’s vocals are vibrant on this charming number. Mary Lou is a lovely folk/acoustic song. There is a real singer/songwriter feel about this top class song. Dust and Moses has a raw organic feel. This song feels really earthy, with Beth’s vocals appearing a little more delicate than on previous numbers. The final offering Get Better is a quirky folk/country song with a charming sound. Beth’s vocals seem to transcend genres touching on both modern and more traditional styles of folk/country music. All the songs on this album were written from the heart and have a lot of emotion – both joy and sorrow interwoven within them. It is this richness of emotions that makes this collection of songs sound so amazing.

Joshua Thomas Song Review

Every so often you come across an artist who just blows you away with their musical talents. Manchester based singer/songwriter Joshua Thomas has been making music for five years. His music blends together many styles including acoustic, folk and blues. Joshua’s vocals are quite refreshing to listen to. They are edgy and very organic in sound. Joshua’s songs are varied in style, mind blowingly addictive and quite brilliant.

Devil Outta Me is a rocky blues number. This song has it all – great vocals, amazing instrumentation and plenty of atmosphere. The instrumentation on this song gives it a dramatic feel but Joshua’s vocals make it feel laid back.

Demons In The Shadows has a really rocky vibe running through it. A heavier number this song reminds me a little of T-Rex. Once again Joshua’s vocals bring the song to life.

My Kingdom has a real indie sound blended with alt-country. I am reminded here of Jace Everett and his really atmospheric dark music. This song sounds like it comes from a film or television soundtrack. Striking and dramatic this song really gets under the listeners skin. Certainly the kind of song you want to here again and again as with each listen you gain a new perspective on the song.

Outlaw (Version 1) has a definite country feel. Joshua’s vocals are gravely and quite raw on this song. The backing music is laid back allowing Joshua to take centre stage.

Devils Streetlights starts off with a real blues sound. This is an up-tempo song with a punchy beat. The guitar work on this song is stylish and gives the song a distinct edge. Joshua gives the song plenty of atmosphere with his gentle yet strong vocals. Joshua’s music has a thoroughly modern sound yet it also sounds quite old-fashioned.

Not All True is a rocky alt-country/blues song. Once again it is Joshua’s vocals that give the song its life and energy. Listening to this particular song makes me long to see Joshua perform live. His music has such depth and character. Each song creates such a stunning atmosphere and image in my mind.

Well Well Honey is filled with Joshua’s dreamy vocals. This is a lovely laid back acoustic song with a slightly more pop feel than Joshua’s other songs. Once again Joshua engages the listener with his enthralling vocals. Joshua’s songs appear to be more than just songs. They have a life all of their own.

Oh New York is a gorgeous acoustic song with a slightly modern folk feel. I am reminded here of the Fleet Foxes. Listening to Joshua’s music is like diving head first into a box of your favourite chocolates. This song is delicate and dreamy. A lovely song to listen to on a hot summer’s day.

Wanna Be Loved gets off to a vibrant start. This is an up-tempo song with a strong acoustic vibe. Joshua’s vocals are crisp and refreshing on this rocky blues number. This song has quite a catchy hook.

Need Your Love is a quieter simple song with limited backing music. Joshua’s vocals are perfect and once again pleasurable to listen to. This song has a strong organic feel about it.

Fall For is a gorgeous rock based acoustic song. The instrumentation brings this song to life and really gives it a life of its own. There are touches of Led Zeppelin within the music of this song. This song has a lot of energy running through it. Joshua’s vocals are toned down and quite beautiful. They have a velvety quality on this particular number. Although this song is quite heavy it still manages to convey a wonderful dreaminess. This is the kind of song you can imagine listening to in your open top car with the volume turned up high.

Joshua and his music are still evolving but with song as amazing as these it is already obvious that Joshua is highly talented and has a wonderful musical gift.

Lindsey Gail Little Loaded Pistol CD Review

Ten songs that will blow you away
If you like your country a little bit rocky and with a dash of blues then look no further than Lindsey Gail from East Texas. Lindsey realised from an early age that she had a great voice for singing country music auditioning at the age of fourteen for the local opry in front of four hundred people. Lindsey has already released several albums; her latest release sees her combine modern and old style country together. Lindsey has been inspired by many top country music artists including The Judds, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood and Patsy Cline. Lindsey’s new album kicks off with a rousing country song called Bring Back. This opening song is soulful with bold powerful vocals. I am reminded a little here of Reba McEntire. Break Away is a slower song with gorgeous passion filled vocals. Lindsey’s voice is breathtaking to listen to on this lovely ballad. Houdini is a fast paced rocky song with a really modern country feel. My Man is another slow ballad that blends modern and old style country together effortlessly. There are touches of Lorrie Morgan and LeAnn Rimes here within this number. You’re Mine is a wonderful soul infused song. Lindsey fills this song with a lot of emotion. The title song Little Loaded Pistol is a rocky blues/country song. This is a heavy song on which Lindsey gives a blistering performance. It is easy to see why this song was chosen as the title number. It really does stand out. Summer Days is an intoxicating ballad and one of the best songs on the album. Lindsey’s vocals are infectious and soulful on this really amazing pure country song. You Can’t Handle Me sees the mood switch up a gear once more. This is yet another rocky and thoroughly modern country song. Hard To Hold once again reminds me of Reba McEntire. Lindsey has such a delightful voice. It suits all ranges and styles as this album clearly demonstrates. Guilty Cowboy is a bluesy country song. Lindsey really pulls out all the stops on this the final song on the album. The ten songs on this album are all impressive for different reasons. There is a nice mix of fast and slow songs on the album. It flows nicely and is a real treat to listen to.