Sunday, 28 July 2013

Brittany McLamb EP Review

Brittany McLamb has just released her self-titled debut EP featuring seven tracks which blend together modern country and pop. Hailing from Salemburg, North Carolina Brittany currently calls Nashville, Tennessee home. The EP kicks off with All The Little Pieces a modern country song in the style of Faith Hill. Brittany’s vocals are highly polished and chart worthy. This is a wonderful opening offering highlighting Brittany’s talents as a country singer. This is more country than pop and has a subtle deepness that only becomes evident upon the second or third listen. Summer Rain is an up tempo country/pop song, again leaning more on country than pop. Brittany’s vocals are cheery and easy on the ear making this song a pleasure to listen to. Knockin’ On Your Heart is a classy modern country song in the style of early Taylor Swift. Brittany seems to have quite a striking vocal ability. Her vocals are stylish and have something quite charming about them that makes listeners want to listen to more than just one song. Mr Right sees the tempo slip a notch. This is another catchy modern country song. Here Brittany’s vocals are lighter and breezy. Back From Your Goodbye is a rockier country/pop song. Brittany’s vocals on this song seem to take on more of an edge. I Didn’t Think That is a slower country song. Once again Brittany’s vocals remind me of Faith Hill. House Of Cards brings the EP to a close. This is a live offering and shows a different side to Brittany’s musical and vocal style. This song has a much heavier rocky/country feel. The lyrics are strong and Brittany’s vocals are solid and confident. All in all this is a debut offering that highlights Brittany McLamb’s potential as a country/pop singer. The songs here are good and pleasurable to listen to. Brittany’s vocals show a great deal of maturity and power, which should serve her well for the future. 

Sarah Murray Song Review

Sarah Murray is an exciting and extremely talented singer/songwriter and producer from Cork, Ireland. Having performed with many bands over the years Sarah is now starting to emerge as a solo female performer. With two songs released so far Sarah is busy recording and writing new material. Sarah’s main passion in life is music and her dream is to release a full length solo album, a dream that is looking ever more like a reality with the attention she is currently picking up from the music industry. Sarah’s sound is an atmospheric one. Her vocals are strong and have a vivid character all of their own. Some might compare her sound to that of The Corrs. Although there are similarities Sarah’s music has a lot more depth, which is mostly down to her striking vocals. Sarah’s first two solo releases effortlessly blend pop and folk together throwing in a bit of rock for good measure.

Ferris Wheel is a really upbeat pop/folk song with strong lyrics written by Sarah. Definitely worthy of a high chart placing Ferris Wheel shows off Sarah’s unique vocal talents, which are spot on. This song has a real edge and plenty of angst. Its catchy beat gives this song a stand out feel. Sarah’s vocals are forceful but never over the top. A real joy to listen to this song is a must for fans of good quality pop/folk music. Sarah’s vocals have similar qualities to those of Andrea Corr and inevitable comparisons will be drawn between the two but Sarah for me is more a mix of Andrea Corr’s luscious harmonies and Dolores O’Riordan’s angst and power. The end result is something outstanding and really mesmerising.

Better Than This is quite breathtaking. Sarah’s vocals have a velvety quality about them on this gentle slightly airy pop/folk song. This song is both classy and atmospheric. Perfect for a hot summer’s day with its lingering instrumentation and Sarah's stunning vocals, which captivate and linger on long after the song has finished. This is anything but a bland run of the mill Irish pop/folk offering. Sarah’s performance on this song is strong and really engages the listener. Listening to Sarah’s rendition of this self-penned song you can feel yourself drifting off to an intimate bar or cafĂ© and watching Sarah perform this song for the small crowd gathered around her. Her music is that good!