Sunday, 20 March 2011

Amber Lee And The Anomalies - Indelible

Fun songs with great music and wonderful vocals bring this high octane album to life
INDELIBLE is a delightful album that fuses together folk, Americana and a dash of pop. This album isn’t for the faint hearted but lovers of something that little bit different who will love the quirky songs featured on this album along with the odd array of instruments used to bring each song to life. The accordion takes centre stage on this album giving all of the songs a unique sound and style. It is the mission of Amber Lee Baker to make the accordion more popular and to show that it can be a sexy instrument. This new album from Amber features a full band that play drums, bass, cello, harp, brass and woodwind instruments as well as the guitar. Amber’s debut album ESTUARIES was released in 2008 since then Amber has spent her time touring, often as a one woman show, and promoting the accordion. The album starts off with Accordions Are Leading The Show, an up-beat catchy song, which sounds kind of crazy on the ear but in a good way. Amber’s vocals are reminiscent of Rosanne Cash, although they have very differing styles of music. The lyrics are fun, the music refreshing and Amber’s vocals captivating. Waltzing Just By Holding Hands is a slow song featuring an array of musical instruments. This song is about getting old and becoming too old to dance. This is a lovely country/folk song with heartfelt lyrics. Alpha sees the accordion take centre stage. Amber’s vocals really stand out above the music and make you want to listen closely to the lyrics of the song. I Should Know Better is a catchy up-tempo song where once again Amber sounds a lot like Rosanne Cash vocally. Caught In Your Tune is a slow quirky song with instrumentation that really gets under your skin. Crocuses is a folk song with a dramatic feel. The mood is a lot darker on this number bringing to mind Kate Rusby or Bill Jones. You Smile And I Melt sees the mood lighten again. This is a jolly song where the instrumentation takes centre stage. At times it feels like Amber has picked up every instrument available and thrown them all into the mixing pot. This is not a bad thing – far from it. The First Pancake Polka is a catchy song about pancakes. Some might cringe at the kookiness’ of this song but others will laugh and sing along. The album ends with two instrumentals. The first is Accordions Are Leading The Show, the second Waltzing By Just Holding Hands. Both sound striking and well worth adding onto the end of the album. Listening to the instrumental version of Waltzing By Just Holding Hands is just like listening to a films soundtrack. The music is breathtaking and so emotive. A real high note to end the album on.

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