Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sidney Thompson - Colors

Amazingly strong songs from this young singer/song writer
Sidney Thompson is an exciting new artist with an amazing voice. Sidney’s vocals make her sound a lot older than her tender teenage years. They are soulful and intelligent, enigmatic and charming. Sidney wrote all of the songs on her debut album, which is full of intensity and passion. This album is made all the more remarkable by the fact that Sidney only took up singing and song writing in the past couple of years. Sidney comes from McKinney, Texas and is already being touted at the next big thing in the world of music. The album starts off with a classy track called Just Anyone. This is a song about giving up your heart. Sidney’s vocals are raw and effortlessly blend country and soul together. Sidney’s style and sound is a mixture of Shelby Lynne on her more soulful country albums and Joss Stone in her early days. A slow song Just Anyone gives Sidney a chance to shine and show off her talents. Many listeners will be able to resonate with the lyrics of this song. Colors is heavier and more upbeat than the opening song. Sidney’s vocals are strong and clear. Dance is a delightful song with a strong summery feel carried through the vocals and into the background instrumentation. Hold On is a rockier song that would not sound out of place in the pop charts. Clocks has more of a country feel. Sidney’s vocals are once again engaging and pleasurable to listen to. Better Side Of You is a rockier song but Sidney’s vocals still retain their soulfulness. Watching is a stand out song vocally. Sidney’s vocals change with ease from delicate and soulful to rocky and upbeat. Broken Glass is the final song on the album. This song mixes pop and country together. A great final song packed with plenty of angst. All of the songs on this album are great and could easily be released as singles. Sidney’s vocal style will appeal to fans of both country and pop. Definitely one to watch!

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