Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hannah Latone - A Million Emotions

Vocals take centre stage on this engaging debut album
Hannah Latone is a new name in the world of country music. Born and raised in Georgia Hannah’s music has been compared with the likes of modern country artists Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift as well as to more bluesy artists like Bonnie Rait. A MILLION EMOTIONS showcases Hannah’s stunning vocal talents as well as her writing talents with three songs on the album written by Hannah. Love Lockett kicks the album off; this is a heavy slightly rocky country song. Hannah’s vocals are strong and engaging on this rousing opening number. You Won’t is a pop/country song written by Hannah. There are definite hints of Taylor Swift here. This song has future hit written all over it. Hannah’s confident vocals will appeal to listeners of all ages and genres of music. Is It Raining is a slow modern country number. Hannah’s vocals on this song have a real edge to them. You’re No Good sees the pace pick up once again. This song will sound familiar to many music fans. With bluesy overtones I am reminded here of Linda Ronstadt’s version of this classic song, which charted in 1975. Next Dream Goin’ By is a lovely modern country song. Hannah’s vocals are tender and full of passion. God And His Guitar is a catchy up-beat country song, which is very pleasing on the ear. Ruby Shoes (Click My Heels) is a great slow country number. Hannah sounds at her best on this striking song, which is for me the real highlight of the whole album. Tears Only Run One Way is a modern country/pop song. This song has a lot of potential due to its catchy hook. A Million Emotions is the title song and was once again written by Hannah. Hannah sounds raw and fresh on this up-beat country song. Baby That’s The Way is a lovely slow ballad that allows Hannah to shine once more. This song is beautiful and Hannah’s vocals really bring the song to life. This album gives listeners a chance to enjoy some lovely slow paced country songs as well as some more predictable up-beat country/pop songs. Hannah’s vocals are the star here, shining throughout the album on each and every song.

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