Sunday, 20 March 2011

Doug Bruce - A Good Place

A nice mix of ballads and faster paced country songs
Doug Bruce is a Texas born singer/songwriter who now lives in Bendigo, Australia with his Australian wife and child. Doug’s blend of country music has already seen him receive some high praise as well as several awards. Doug has been performing on stage for many years as a drummer and backing singer but it is only in more recent years that he has taken centre stage and showed the whole world what a wonderful wholesome country singer he is. Doug’s album A GOOD PLACE is packed full of country songs that will appeal to fans of more modern country. Doug wrote six songs on the album. The album gets started with Good Place For Love, which Doug co-wrote with Bill Shore. Doug has a lovely country voice that is reminiscent in style of artists such as Alan Jackson and Brad Paisley. This is quite an upbeat song, catchy and easy on the ear. The Bed You Lied In has a more modern feel. This is a top quality country song in the style of Brooks and Dunn. This song has the potential to be a great single. Museum Of Love is a faster punchy song definitely more suited to fans of rocky rowdy country. Don’t Let Me Stay Too Long is a slow ballad. Doug’s vocals are quite stunning on this beautiful song. Having What You Want is another high quality country song with a Brooks and Dunn feel about it. Honky Tonk Shoes instantly reminds me of Alan Jackson crossed with Toby Keith. This song is what some might call a typical country song – fast paced and quirky. Man In The Mirror is an amazing slow ballad in the style of George Strait. The lyrics are well worth a close listen as this is a really expressive emotional song. Sweet has more of a rocky feel. Coffey Road is a beautiful slow song. The lyrics give this song plenty of atmosphere. Lost Weekend is a thoroughly modern country song once again in the style of Alan Jackson. Hey Mister sees the mood slow to almost a stop. This is most definitely the icing on the cake as far as this album is concerned. This is a lovely slow song crammed full of emotion. Doug’s vocals really bring this song to life. The Gang’s All Here is another typical country song done well. The album ends on a high with another amazing song called Close Enough. This is a classy more old style song. This album has a song for everyone.

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