Sunday, 20 March 2011

Haun’s Mill - Haun’s Mill

Music that speaks of times gone by mixed with lyrics that are relevant today
Haun’s Mill are definitely unique in their musical style. Once a duo and now a five-piece band based in Austin Haun’s Mill creates music more associated with times gone by. The subjects covered in their songs range from economic troubles to murder. Popular with audiences, who can resonate with the lyrical content of their songs, this group’s music is brought to life by Eliza Wren’s delicate vocals and the more organic sound of Nord Anderson’s vocal style. The group is completed with BB Melanson, Mike Crandall and Hyrum Summerhays who play a range of instruments from stand up bass to accordion. The music on this album is a clever interwoven mixture of country, folk, Americana and bluegrass. Set Me Free gets the album started. Eliza’s vocals take centre stage on this traditional sounding song. Her voice is quirky and engaging, definitely a voice you want to hear more of. New York City has a slightly more modern feel. Eliza is joined on lead vocals by Nord. Their voices really complement one another creating a great sound and atmosphere. Blind Draw is full of great instrumentation and then all of a sudden Eliza’s magical voice bursts through the music. Listening to this song it would be easy to think you were watching an old black and white film. There is so much character in the vocals and music provided. Paul sees Nord take a turn on lead vocals. Nord’s vocals are very different from those of Eliza’s often sounding raw with a velvety quality. Nobody Followed has a charming folk/traditional country sound. Eliza’s vocals are fresh and delicate whilst the instrumentation appears very old fashioned. Fitzcarraldo is an atmospheric folk song. Haven’t Felt This Way In Days has a slightly more modern sound with Eliza once again taking the lead on vocals. Forsaken allows Eliza and Nord to harmonise wonderfully, their voices sound amazing when intertwined together. The Flu is quite a dark song about dying and being ill. Mt. Pleasant brings the album to quite a dramatic close. Nord takes charge on this final song, which with its musical backing sounds sinister and dark. The lyrics in this final song speak of murder. Nord’s vocals are earthy. This collection of songs really stands out because they are so interesting and musically they are so very different. This album will suit music fans who like music that is quirky and more than just a catchy song.

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