Sunday, 20 March 2011

Violent Kin - Velvet Hideout

Every song on this EP has the potential to be a big hit!!!!
Violent Kin are a brother and sister duo from Canada. Their music is a rocky blend of electro pop. VELVET HIDEOUT is their newest release and is a great follow on from the duo’s 2009 full length album BITTER BLOOD. This four track EP gives existing fans a chance to hear new material and new fans an opportunity to see what the duo are all about. Naturally they have been compared to other existing musical artists such as The Ting Tings but Violent Kin have a unique sound and style all of their own with both siblings taking a turn on lead vocals. The first song on the new EP is also the title track Velvet Hideout. The opening introduction music is dramatic and varied. From this music it is hard to tell what kind of song you are going to get. Velvet Hideout is in fact quite a heavy pop/rock song. This song has something about it that makes it really appealing and quite quirky. The end of the song is quite heavy giving the song a really dramatic conclusion, which leaves the listener definitely wanting more. Wolf is a great electro pop song with a heavy dash of rock thrown in for good measure. Occasionally there are hints of No Doubt but that isn’t a bad thing at all. I can instantly imagine hoards of people dancing to this song in a club or at some outside festival. Keep Your Balance is another great electro pop/rock song. Everything here is brilliant – the music and the vocals. This song deserves to be a big hit. This is certainly the kind of song you want to turn up when it comes on your radio. The music here reminds me a little of the classic Gary Numan song Cars. Good Girl brings this excellent EP to a close. The opening music brings to mind Roxy Music but this is no Roxy Music track. This song is another song that would do well I feel as a single. Once again great vocals make this song a stand out track. All four of the songs on this EP have great potential, all are strong vocally and really catchy in their own way.

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