Sunday, 20 March 2011

Codie Prevost - Get Loud

Hopefully this is the album to make Codie Prevost into a big star!
GET LOUD showcases another stunning mix of country/rock from the popular American artist Codie Prevost. This is Codie’s third album with his first released in 2005. On this album Codie was given the opportunity to work with one of Canada’s top producers Tom McKillip. Tom brilliantly harnessed Codie’s sound and style bringing it to a head on this high quality album, which blends together self-penned songs with songs from some of the best Nashville writers around. Still waiting to really make his mark on the country music scene Codie’s live shows are always entertaining and popular with audiences. This album could well be the album to catapult Codie to international fame and stardom. Rolling Back To You has a lovely rock/country vibe running through it. This isn’t a heavy song; it is a pleasant song with much warmth emanating from Codie’s vocals. Honky Tonk Groupie is more of a fun up-tempo song, which brings to mind Big and Rich. The title song Get Loud is rocky and rousing in style. I’m Okay is a tender slow song. This song was written for a friend who was dealing with the loss of her brother. Codie’s vocals are full of tenderness and emotion throughout this track. Standing Still is a lovely up-tempo country song. This song is one of those songs that just grows on you and begs to be heard time and time again. Cruising Song is a driving song. Codie’s voice stands out because it is just that bit different. From Where I Stand is a glorious slow ballad that will tug at the heartstrings of many listeners. This is a beautiful song. You’ve Got What Gets Me is a rousing rocky song, quite heavy in style. This song will appeal to fans of Rascal Flatts. Finish What He Started is a catchy country song. How To Forget is the kind of song you would expect to hear Collin Raye singing. The lyrics are emotive and Codie’s vocals are tender. Famous is another high octane song, more rock than country. The album ends with Codie’s take on the popular song Cotton Eye Joe. Perhaps not the best song to end this classy album on but then again it is only a bonus track. There is a nice mix of styles on this album. The slow ballads are just amazing and the faster rocky songs are of a good high quality so definitely worth a listen!

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