Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tanna Key - Wasting Paper

This is one of those albums that really makes you sit up and take notice
Seventeen year old Tanna Key is an up and coming singer/song writer who is just bursting with talent. Tanna’s debut album contains ten delightful songs that switch from up-tempo to emotional with ease. The opening and title song Wasting Paper is a lively up-tempo song. Tanna’s vocals are impressive and strong. Her voice is distinctive and although similarities between Tanna and Taylor Swift can be drawn, Tanna proves with little effort that she can stand on her own two feet and really belt out a song. Kiss Of The Sun is another modern up-tempo song with more of a country edge than the opening number. Incredible is a deliciously slow ballad. Tanna’s vocals are stunning on this glorious solid country song. Caught Up is another wonderful country offering. There are touches of an early Faith Hill if you listen closely. Shatter is a beautiful song. Tanna’s voice takes on an angelic tone for this slow pop sounding number. Stop Me is a modern country song about romance. The lyrics are catchy and cleverly constructed. Beautiful is an incredible slow modern country song. The whole of this album has a wonderful fresh feel to it. Each song is a real joy to listen to. One Tear In The Rain is a slow paced country/pop song. Tanna’s vocals give the song depth and plenty of emotion. Those Eyes is a classy modern up-tempo country song. This song is rousing and perhaps the heaviest song on the album. One Broken Heart Too Late brings the album to a close. Once again Tanna provides listeners with a breathtaking ballad that really makes you stop and listen. Tanna’s voice on this final number is crisp and clear. This is a high quality album with all ten songs deserving their place.

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