Sunday, 20 March 2011

Neptune’s Car - Strawberry Moon

A beautiful blend of country and folk from a talented new duo
If you like your country music with more than a dash of folk you will love the debut album from Neptune’s Car. Neptune’s Car is a duo made up of Steve Hayes guitarist and songwriter and Holly Hanson singer/songwriter. Holly’s vocals are tender, warm and quite evocative with each song taking the form of a story or tale. Steve’s guitar playing complements Holly’s vocals perfectly giving each of the songs depth and character. This is an album that will appeal to everyone because it is so innocent and simple, yet classy and well constructed. Joining Holly and Steve are David Eure on the violin, Sven Larson on upright bass and Zeke Martin on percussion. Follow This Highway gets the album off to a glorious start. Holly’s vocals are fresh and light. This song has a strong traditional folk/country feel. The title song Strawberry Moon is a beautiful country song with a classical country sound. Lighthouse Keeper is a charming song that tells of the life of a lighthouse keeper. Simple and rather sweet this song just begs to be heard. Full-Moon Night has more of a traditional country feel. Holly’s vocals lose their delicate edge on this vocally heavier song. Five Point Star is a wedding song. With all of the songs on this album it is worth taking time to listen to the lyrics as they hold the key to this feast of musical delights. Sparks is another excellent country song. Ocean-Born Mary is a lyrically strong story telling song, which blends folk and country together. Throughout this album there are hints of Nickel Creek and Alison Krauss but Neptune’s Car do not need to be compared to any other artists. This is a strong musical duo whose music can stand on its own two feet. Roll With The Tumbleweeds allows Holly’s vocals to really shine brightly. Where The Moon Shines On The Chrome is a slow paced song with a strong country feel. Here Holly’s vocals are delicate. The Charm came about after Holly gave her two sons a lesson on pirates and life at sea. Diamond Pond is an upbeat song with quiet a modern feel. Stonewalls and Fences ends the album on a high. This is a pleasant folk/country song, which Holly once again brings to life with her vocals. It is hard to find any fault with this debut album. The songs are beautiful and the overall atmosphere created is perfect.

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