Sunday, 20 March 2011

Samantha Darnell Songs

Samantha Darnell is an up and coming young singer/songwriter with bags of talent and an amazing voice. Music has been in Samantha’s blood from a very early age. Samantha’s voice is fresh and interesting on the ear. Her songs have depth and body. Butterflies Don’t Lie is an upbeat song with a rocky edge. This song has a catchy hook that will soon have listeners singing a long with the lyrics. The lyrics are cleverly constructed and definitely worth a close listen. Samantha’s vocals are edgy and quite intoxicating. This song has the makings of a top pop/rock single that will appeal to fans of artists such as Pink and Gwen Stefani. I could easily listen to this song over and over again as the more you hear it the better it gets. Don’t Say You Love Me is a slightly heavier song. Samantha’s vocals instantly bring to mind Gwen Stefani, but a younger, fresher version. Samantha doesn’t copy any one persons musical style, her music is distinctly her own. Once again this song has a lot of depth and character, this shows in the lyrics and the drama Samantha effortlessly brings to life through her varying vocal range. Summer Boys has a really catchy musical introduction. This song definitely has a rock feel to it tinged with pop. Another catchy song that needs more than one listen. Samantha creates a lot of atmosphere with her delightful vocals, which switch between delicate and charming to rowdy and rocky with infinite ease. Samantha’s music is a real delight to listen to and these three songs just leave me so eager to hear more, much, much more.

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