Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tami Renè - Take It Back

A classy second album featuring some really topical lyrics and poignant songs
TAKE IT BACK is Tami Renè’s second album. On this album Tami’s vocals take on more of a country/pop sound. Tami’s voice is distinctive and pleasing on the ear throughout this classy album. The album opens with Something an upbeat song with a strong country/pop flavour. Tami’s vocals appear to be bursting with energy. The title track Take It Back blends blues and country together. Tami’s voice is highly polished on this song, which is heavier than the opening track. There are definite hints of Wynonna Judd here. The Hell Is Going On is an extremely topical song just right for the current economic climate. Tami sings this song with conviction. A powerful song with a strong message running through the lyrics. It is worth buying this album just to hear this song. My Way Back Home is a slower song that also contains another strong message within the lyrics. Tami’s vocals are more laid back on this dreamy yet poignant song. Strangers To Me is another excellent song, which showcases Tami’s amazing vocals. It is hard to compare Tami to any one artist as her music and vocals cross so many different musical genres. Although not pure country there is enough of a country flavour running through this album to keep most country fans happy. Every song on this album deserves its place. You’ve Met Heartache is a song about finding good in every situation that arises in life. This is an uplifting song about picking yourself up no matter how hard you fall down. A positive song that makes you feel better about yourself upon hearing it. Stories After Dark is a slow gentle song. Tami’s vocals are delicate and haunting. This is a beautiful song full of love, promises for the future and romance. This track has all the makings of a classy wedding song. Anytime is an upbeat song with a country/pop feel. Missing You is a slightly heavier song. This could be quite a miserable song but Tami keeps the mood upbeat. Working Mom tells of Tami’s own experiences as a working mother. Tami’s vocals are enigmatic and charming. This is quite a dramatic song with brilliantly constructed lyrics. Holiday In You is perhaps the least emotive song on the album. This song is bright and breezy and gives listeners a rest bite from the emotional rollercoaster the rest of the album provides. The final track on the album Satan’s Mistress has quite a country rock feel. It is easy to imagine Tami performing this song on a big stage with lots of flashing lights. A punchy song to end the album on. This album ends on a high leaving listeners wanting more, much more.

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