Sunday, 20 March 2011

Charlotte White Songs

Charlotte White is a young lady with a dazzling voice. If you could bottle the voice of an angel then Charlotte definitely has that voice. Her vocals are tender and gentle, quite magical and full of energy and vibrancy. She has the kind of voice you cannot help but fall in love with; it is intoxicating and quite infectious. Her songs effortlessly cross the boundaries between country and gentle but classy pop. When I Am With You is a country/pop song. Charlotte’s vocals bring to mind an early Dolly Parton blended with a stripped down version of Christina Aguilera. Her voice is just amazing to listen to; it quite literally blows you away as a listener. There is a lot of emotion pouring out through Charlotte’s voice. This song is the kind of song you want to turn up loud and put on repeat play. There is a touch of soul intertwined with the country and pop that oozes from this song. Unfaithful Man is another brilliant song that once again blends a lot of musical styles. There are touches of Olivia Newton John, Allison Moorer and Juice Newton in Charlotte’s heart rendering vocals. Charlotte’s vocals are the real highlight here. Treat Her Right is a great country song. Charlotte’s vocals are raw and raspy giving the song a really organic feel. This song feels really evocative because it has such a stripped down sound and feel. Listening to this song you can easily imagine you are in a café or bar somewhere with a roaring open fire listening to Charlotte singing, sat on a stool with just a guitar for company. This is one of those songs that makes you stop in your tracks and think wow! Nobody Loves Me Like The Blues sees Charlotte slip into a jazz/blues mood. There are hints of Mandy Barnett crossed with Patsy Cline here. Charlotte’s vocals really suit this style of song. This song feels really classy. Lonesome Train is a country song with a really soulful feel. Once again I am reminded of Dolly Parton in her early days combined with a touch of Tammy Wynette. Charlotte’s voice is timeless and feels so natural never forced. A King Like You has more of a pop feel. This is a stunning evocative song. The lyrics are wonderfully constructed and tell a really moving story. A close listen will easily move listeners to tears, as it did me. Sensitive vocals give this song an earthy raw feeling. Are You With Her Again sees Charlotte sounding a lot like Jewel on some of her earlier releases. This is another lovely slow song with luscious vocals. A Love Like This is a great slow song once again bulging with emotion, an emotion that feels raw and untapped. This song has a strong country sound. Down is another song full of sensitivity and vulnerability. The lyrics are emotive and so spot on. There is a feeling of darkness that overwhelms this slightly heavier song. Listening to Charlotte’s songs you feel like you have opened a great novel, with each chapter taking the form of a song. Listening to these songs is like taking a soul cleansing ride. Charlotte’s vocals on this song are deeper and full of angst. Here I am reminded more of artists like Paula Cole blended with a touch of Kathleen Edwards. What Would It Be Like is another great singer/songwriter song. Charlotte’s vocals are edgy and captivating occasionally slipping into a more typical pop sound, however it is never too long before Charlotte steers her vocals back towards a more organic unpolished sound. It is a real treat to here Charlotte’s music. Each song brings with it something new and quite wonderful. It is like dipping your hand into a box of chocolates never quite knowing what you are going to get. Charlotte’s vocals are really glorious and really pleasant to listen to because they are so varied in style. Hearing these songs just makes you want to hear so much more. It is like the book is only half finished, left on something of a cliff hanger.

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